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Peeping round the corner and saying hello again…very gingerly.

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Hello everyone. As in a particularly bad game of Monopoly I find myself back at ‘Start’ with a feeling of trepidation having used my ‘get out of jail’ card. I’ve been here before having graduated in January 2018 before pottering slowly on to 10k. I really enjoyed the interaction on this forum and I think there was at least one day when I enjoyed the actual running. Unfortunately, while shuffling along I hadn’t noticed illness creeping up behind me in the form of a Pituitary Tumour. I became ill quite quickly and the little blighter was removed in 2019. Unfortunately, I picked up a post op infection which decided my brain might be a good place to camp. It all got a bit tricky and that ‘get out of jail’ card came in handy. Anyway, that’s all behind me now and after what seems a lifetime things are relatively stable…thanks entirely to the heroes of the NHS.

So, the Diary of a Lapsed Runner aged 65 1/4 has commenced (it might not be a very long book).

I’ve got one run left in week 2 and all is well so far…and my dogs Jethro and Lucy think it is great fun. I’m sure it will get harder…well, I think the disadvantage of starting again is you know it will get harder. I have to be careful as I no longer have a functioning Pituitary Gland and am reliant on various artificial hormones to keep functioning. We’ll see how it goes: I'm in no hurry.

I suppose it is unlikely but if there is anybody here that remembers me: hello!

17 Replies
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My goodness you’ve been through a lot. Wishing you well with your recovery from your pituitary tumour and a big welcome back. It’s great to have you here and looking forward to reading how you’re getting on.

It might be worth having a refresher read through the programme guide. Take it steady. We’re all ready to cheer you on 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

hi there. Yes, the programme guide has been useful…and actually reassuring when I was contemplating starting again. This is a good forum. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Hi Pm3eak 🙋‍♀️Sorry to hear how you have been through the mill, but so good to hear from you. Remember me?

I am on Wk 2 R3 next too, having come back from injury again, and am trusting the program, remembering how you are always ready for that next run.

Life always seems to have ups and downs, the downs can be so hard too.

Having running to come back to is a real bonus, I'm happy to take it really gently.

So many of us still here, and so many new runners too, as you can imagine.

Good luck with that next run, we will be cheering you on.

Oldfloss will be so pleased to see you here to. She has a weekly catch up corner post if ever you just want a quick check in too.

What you have faced is far tougher than those next runs. xx

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

hello there! Wow, so many people I remember! It’s such a lovely forum. I’m sorry to hear you’ve fallen foul of injury, that’s really unfortunate. But, you are coming back…that is great, I wish you well…perhaps we can cheer each other on. I finished week 2 today …just baby steps, I know…but it felt good. I’m taking things really slowly…I’m always slow anyway…I make people running on the spot look like Olympic sprinters. Good luck!

I remember you! (or actually your gorgeous big dogs 🙃). So good to see you back and I really hope that everything goes well for you. It seems like you have had a really shit few years but we can only hope that things get better. Best wishes to you and your family x

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to

hello Helen…thank you for you welcome…great to see you again. Yes, tough couple of years but like in the best pantomimes, they are behind me. The dogs are great…they got pretty stressed during the weeks I was in hospital, but they haven’t left my side since. I’ve put a picture of them for you below…they love meeting people. I have my driving licence back now that my sight has recovered to that of the average bat; our big idea for this year is to sink our life savings into a camper van and tootle off with the dogs and explore, visit our friends etc. (Why is it that it takes an illness to remind you of what is important? ). Speak soon Helen.

Jethro and Lucy
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welcome back! You’ve been through a lot but it is so great to see you back again. I’m not on the forum much anymore but come back every now and then to see how everyone is doing. I’m still running but have had to take a step back so I’m just running for fun and not following any sort of plan right now. Someday I’ll have something to share with the group again but for now I’ll continue to lurk and cheer from the sidelines! I look forward to reading about your journey back.

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Hello there! Yet another name I remember well. How are you? How great that you have kept up the running, and for fun, which is the ultimate aim in my view. And nothing wrong with having a good lurk on the sidelines…it’s what sidelines are for. Keep in touch.

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Hello Pm3eak,

I have just looked at your last post I see that it was written 5 years ago. Now wondering if your grand daughter continued with some healthy lifestyle changes and whether your wife continued with her running. I should imagine that after 5 years it must feel like starting again and presumably harder for both the extra years and the what sound like serious health challenges. All the very best for your onward running journey. 😊

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to over61andstilltrying

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Yes, my wife Karen has never really stopped running…especially in her sleep, which is infuriating. She has always been part whippet, part Duracell battery and finds it impossible to stand still. A natural runner. She was barely 8 stones when we married in 1978 and is even lighter now. We have the comical situation where my dogs are both heavier than she is. I’m not far off the same weight as I was back then, 14st 8lbs, but my sporting interests have been more strength/power orientated e.g. rugby, weights and swimming…plus wrestling with farm animals for a living. I did actually get my Granddaughter to the gym with me, that was very special, but her interest waned under exam and peer pressure. She is off to University next year so I hope she takes up some type of sport. I actually feel quite positive about starting again: I’m lucky to be here so everything is a bit of a bonus. First couple of weeks have been fine. I’m lucky that I can walk 3 to 4 miles every day in lovely countryside with dogs and that has maintained some level of mobility.

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over61andstilltryingGraduate in reply to Pm3eak

 Part whippet, part Duracell! What a speedy description! I wonder what your wife's has as her current running goals! At the top of the scale for her age, I imagine.

I do hope that your return to running is going well. Happy, injury free running to you. 🏃🏻‍♂️😊

(I tried to reply some days ago, but either my computer or the forum weren't working as usual.)

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to over61andstilltrying

Hello there. The running is going well thank you. Week 4 commences tomorrow. I’ve been using a much slower pace this time around, which has been interesting. I’ve found it hard to throttle back but I’m sure it is the right thing to do now I’m over 65 and still not sure if all the damage from the sepsis is resolved. Karen just wants to stay fit: she still works (very) full-time and finds it very hard to get out for a run….which is why she’s bought a rather nice treadmill ( or at least it will be when I get it set up for her).

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Huge well done to you and welcome back! You will already know that you are amongst friends here again!

You have done incredibly and you will enjoy very gently, moving forward again. Keep it slow and steady and do take as many rest days as you need. Do pop into Catch Up Corner, old friends there... and a great place to chat awhile!

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Well, hello again Oldfloss! There is a name I remember well! Thank you for the good wishes…I look forward to speaking to people again. Is Flick still here?

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Pm3eak

Hello! Yes, still here, still slow and steady. No, Flick has moved on now... you can find her on other running forums though, on FB. :)

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So sorry about the tumour, but it's good to hear that you are doing much better. Welcome back and well done!

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to Laylaa

Thank you Laylaa! Nice to be back. I hope your running is going well.

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