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Go away wind!! (but week 7 in the running bumbag!)

So on Sunday I completed week 7, yippee, go me! Thrilled I was especially given the strong gusty winds we had! My lovely husband let me have a lie in while he got up to entertain our two year old and then after slothing on the sofa for a hour I said to him that I wasn't so sure I should go out in the wind, his response 'are you sure' which he couldn't have put any better. Had he said that I should definately go, I definately wouldn't have as we function best when we have opposing views ;). So off I went facing into the gusty wind, not too bad as I was running down a hill to the riverbank. As I got to the riverbank I turn left to run alongside and as I got round the corner I recieved a face full of sand...nice! and to rub it in a very fast fit man ran past me with sunglasses on and looking very smug, cue the tongue sticking out at him until he sprinted out of sight! It was a battle of wind and wills from then on BUT I did it and even had to run past my home as I misjudged how far 25 minutes would take me. I am so thrilled to be at this stage! My normal response would be 'you have no idea' but the beauty of this group is you all have and your virtual cheers spur me on so thank you again.

I had to miss my Tuesday run due to work comittments and an evening meeting and I'm due to go out tonight after a quick trip over to Leeds however as I am sitting at my desk listening to the wind howl and tracking the live wind speed (currently 28.6 with gusts of 36.1 mph) I am thinking that I may be setting myself up for a fail. York is renowned for being a 'windy city' and its definately living up to it's name! To say I started this programme in subzero temperatures you would think that no other weather condition would phase me!

Is anyone considering missing their run due to the wind? Or is it just me being a wimp?

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You are certainly not a wimp! I find the wind makes it so so difficult to keep my normal speed, normal rhythm and breath and just everything! I walked the dog this morning and even struggled just walking with the strong winds!


I'm not a fan of running in windy weather either! I went to the gym on Tuesday, since it was getting dark by the time I was heading out, and was very glad I wasn't running yesterday - or indeed today! I'm hoping it will have settled down before my 'long' run on Friday, otherwise that's going to be *really* tough...

Well done for getting out there and running anyway :)


I like you had been wondering about running in the strong wind today. In the end I thought 'lets go for it' and just see how I get on. I decided that if it was too strong I'd just have to turn back and try another day. Didn't want to miss out as it was my first W8 run and I try to fit my running around my boys being at school. Good news is that I went for it and it was really quite nice. The gusts of wind were very welcome in the end to keep me cool. Had one slightly dodgy moment with the wind blowing sideways across open fields but managed to keep out of the ditch at the side of the lane. Completed 28 minute run OK too. Bonus. Good luck with whatever you decide. X


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