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W3R2 - I DID IT!

In the words of Victor Meldrew "I just don't believe it"!

Why do I say that? Well I've been having negative thoughts all day about W3R2.

I've been feeling tired all day. Even fell asleep at my desk this afternoon. (Good job I work at home!!!) It sounded like the wind was blowing a force 10 gale outside my window, which didn't encourage me. And I was expecting R2 to be really gruelling as in W1 and W2.

However, inspite of all that, I got round OK, It wasn't easy, but I did do better than I expected.

So if I can do it as slightly overweight 62 year old then you can too.

Today was also another first. Out in shorts today. I actually bought some yesterday. They are long shorts, as they say. I am sure I looked a bit of a sight, but did I care? Of course not. But I did sneek out the house before my better half could get a look at my outfit. Did I say that I also had on my long running socks? I can't help it; I like the feel of that compression around my calf muscles.

One further comment on HRMs. Another benefit for me of using an HRM is that the chest strap keeps my manboobs in place :>)

"keep on running" as the 60's pop song says.

Oh, and thanks to all the community who keep us encouraged on our journey of C25K

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Fantastic... have a lovely vision of you in shorts and long socks :) ..and as for manboobs I was very upset when I realised I was running without a sports bra and it made not the slightest difference in my case!!

Keep up the running.


Brilliant! You are a runner and as a runner we wear all kinds of mix and match! ;-) I never dreamed I would be seen out in public in skin tight compression-wear, now its my favorite to wear! Great going! :-) Gayle


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