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Parkrun Bottler

I blogged last week about entering my first Parkrun... well I didnt and so disappointed with myself. My running partner cancelled late Friday and Im afraid that the nerves got the better of me!! I still ran on Saturday morning but it wasnt particularly very good in fact I convinced myself it was a good job I didnt the parkrun because I wouldnt have been able to complete it!! Sunday's run was even worse..!! Why do we punish ourselves this way... In need of a pick me up run quickly to restore my confidence.. :-(

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Aw, that's tough. But don't worry - things WILL get better!


Never mind Margo. I'm sure you would have done it if your running partner hadn't cancelled. I know that I wouldn't have done my first parkrun by myself.

I haven't been for a proper run for nearly a week as kids still off school and motivation is slipping. I did start a short run with my daughter but when she was able to walk as fast as I was jogging I gave up! We did have a laugh though!


When I read blogs like this I'm quite thankfull for being a lone runner. It has its downsides though cos when you do a run like Parkrun they are all so friendly and speak as they run along, now thats multi tasking I find hard to cope with!!! I used to sing when running through the forest tracks then I realised my catawhallin was scaring all the birds half to death. Don't put off your Parkrun you will have fun and meet lots of nice people.


You'll get the chance to go again! I know what you mean about beating yourself up though, I went out this morning with the intention of doing 5k but it was so windy that I gave up and headed for home after only 1k, so I just did 2k. BUT I told myself that that's 2k more than I would have done if I'd stayed in bed.

At least you still went out and ran, whether or not you ran as far or in a certain place. There will be more Parkruns (and they really are great fun, I went alone and met some lovely people- so friendly and willing to offer tips to rookies).


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