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week 8 done!

Done my last run of the week today ,after the good results of this week,thought to push it a bit more ,so ran after a 45 mns weight lifting session ! Really scared myself,was thinking to stop,really had to motivate myself to do a 30 mns run,wanted to give up after 5 mns,but I did it!one head phone gave up on me,and had to dig dip but didnt want to fail ! after 1 hr rest ,went ice skating 2 hrs for fun ! ;-)

Really makes me realize how much of a mental thing is running,head says no before the legs! Since starting dieting ,I keep myself extra motivated ,Ive bored all my mates on facebook with my fitness stuff lol but Its work and thats all matter! ;-)

Im running 2 10 k mud runs ,last week end of june ,one satuday evening,the other one sunday morning, and then another one 2 weeks after! motivation and perseverance will make the difference! not really bother about how long it will take ,just want to finish them!

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Well done on finishing week 8, I too finished week 8 today and had similar 'wanting to give up after five minutes' issues but was glad to push through them. Only one week left :)


Blimey, well done, theres no stopping you is there!! Its very addictive isn't it, and good for you too so all good. Well done and good luck with the 10k's!!!


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