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Thank you Bear Grylls

Thank you Bear Grylls

Recently got in from today's run. I found it hard going. I've had a very long and tiring day, been up since 4am. Just as I was on my way out it started to bucket down and TBH I really didn't fancy it tonight, nonetheless onwards and upwards. Despite saying the other day that I don't like running with music I thought I'd give it another go this evening, this time rather than listen to Paul Weller I put on Vivaldi's four seasons and I really enjoyed listening to it. So armed with Vivaldi and my new phone app, RunDouble I plodded along. During my second 5 minute run I started to experience aching, a stitch and thoughts of "I've had enough of this." Then I thought of the book I finished reading two days ago, "Mud, sweat and tears" by Bear Grylls. It really inspired me to keep on going and I did. So even though he won't be reading this I'd still like to publicly thank him for pushing me on. So thanks Bear. There, I've done it!

Just as a final cos I seem to have rambled on a little. The app I'm using records a few stats, I've attached a screen shot of it, not sure if it's readable though. Now although I'm running to time rather than distance, I was hoping that I'd actually travelled the 5k, seems as if I didn't though, I'm a little disappointed by that. Think I need to make my walks a little brisker and perhaps up the pace a little. All in good time I hope, it's only my fourth week. Well that's that I'm going to down a nice cup of coffee, watch a little T.V and then hopefully sleep like a log.

Goodnight all, take care,


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Well done for pushing your self!!. It is hard to get out there sometimes, but i find these are the runs that at the end i feel most proud of myself an i tend to get an extra buzz from it.

Good luck with the rest of the program an im going to have a look at the run double thanks for that.


Well done. :-) Sometimes it really is hard just getting out the door. Its good to use other people as inspiration its certainly help me on more than one occasion!

I hope you got your good sleep.

Best of luck for you next run.


Well done, Paul. I loved Mud, Sweat and Tears as well - what he's been through is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the tip about Rundouble - I'm just about to upgrade my mobile and am wondering which apps to try, so I'll give this one a go. All the best with your next runs.


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