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Speed / I took it slightly easier?

I did the speed podcast today, which was intervals so... harder in theory, but for less time than i've been running. it was nice to only focus on the speed and to just let laura tell me what to do for a bit. the run wasn't long enough to require the mental effort it takes to push through the half hour. it was a good workout and i really should learn to love shorter runs. done right, they'll help me get to my 26.2 miles healthier and more fit than shoving myself at long distances every time.

The speeds in the c25k+ podcasts work well for me. it's sort of gratifying that to be able to keep up, and knowing the bpm for the pace she's suggesting should make finding workout music for later a little easier. maybe the stepping stones for next time, or might try the treadmill's hill run workout.

Happy running,


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I like the speed podcast when I'm on the treadmill, really must get back to the gym soon ;-)


Hardly seems a moment since I read your first blog - my, you've moved on! :)


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