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Gutted - totally zero activity day

Looking forward to W7R1 today on the forest trails - and going about my everyday business I have pulled a muscle in my calf. I don't even remember doing it, it was just suddenly there. Grr. How can I manage to injure myself not even exercising?

So all I have managed is a couple of 15 minute walks with the dogs that didnt't even get me puffed out. The worst thing is that it means a missed day on my 5x50 :( Sorry team, I'll make it up when my leg is better I promise.

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Just concentrate on getting better. There are probably going to be occasions when many of us can't complete a day or more for whatever reason, take care.


The 5x50 challenge foresees such days as this... from their FAQs page: "As this is quite a long challenge we suggest you spread any 'missed' days over a week."

Look after yourself. :-)


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