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Are you sharing on Endomopndo?


I started last week. Have been doing a bit of running in the past, but not at all disciplined, and I soon discovered that 'Laura' sets a tougher pace than I was setting myself.

Have just completed W2R2 and am now onto the route that I've used in the past. I've tracked myself for a while using Endomondo, which I think is a brilliant tool for motivating me. Otherwise I'd never know that my last three runs have been 2 minutes faster each time.

Most of the people sharing there are a bit too much like super-athletes for mt, so I wondered if there were any current C25K peeps who might like to share details?

Anyone else care to share their experiences with Endomondo?

Cheers, Graham

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Hi there, my phone tracks my runs through the couch to 5k app but on the days I dont run I cycle so track these using endomondo, having trouble posting to facebook though if you have any tips graham .......

Good luck with the running


Oh.. hadn't realised there was a C25K app. I will try to find it.

Endomondo to FB works fine for me - never had a problem and can't really remember what I had to do to set it up, I'm afraid. Keep persisting - it definitely works alright.

All the best


croxGraduate in reply to CaveBear

You might want to consider the pro version of endomondo, it let's you set up interval training, similar to the c25k apps, but you get to listen to your own music ;-)

Also you can tweak the intervals to your own needs, worked for me :-)

CaveBearGraduate in reply to crox

Thanks. Yes, I was thinking I might do this when I get to the end of the C25K programme - there are apps for the Galloway Walk-Run-Walk approach but they are expensive and suffer from the same music problem.



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