Need to share this

Need to share this

My apologies as this post shouldn't be on this forum, but I have a very very sad furry baby here who is unwell. I probably will not go for my run tomorrow as I am worried about living him alone. Hubby left at 5.30am and We all went out to wave goodbye. Ben trotted to the palm tree to check for any night visitors and mark his territory, then went back inside to carry on with his sleep. A few hours later, when he tried to get up, he couldn't . His left side gave up. Couldn't use his front left leg and his back left leg.  Neighbours helped me put him in the car (46.9kg, he is a big boy) and I took him to the vet emergency. Back home now on med and feeling very sorry for himself. His left side playing up. He probably will be ok tomorrow, hopefully anyway. I will see how I go. 5 k is anything between 38 to 40 minutes. If his eyes shine, I will go for a run. If he looks sad and worried, I will stay home. 


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12 Replies

  • Oh what a gorgeous boy ! Sending lots of hugs to you and Ben xxx

    Its such a worry when our furry  babies get ill isn't it ? Heres hoping hes much better tomorrow xxx

  • Big hugs to you all.  He is a lovely boy.  I understand they are your babies and your there for them when they need you.  I hope he picks up real soon, there is lots of time for running we all need our support when we are poorly.  

  • Poor boy! Hope he gets better soonest. Horrid when they're ill and can't let you know what's wrong. Sending hugs {{}}

  • Thinking of your boy...hoping Ben is better soon. 

  • Oh no!  I'm so sorry to hear this.  It's awful when our companions aren't feeling well, and the poor beasties always put on such a stoic show.  Hopefully the meds and some rest help soon.  Please give a pat for me.

  • Thanks you guys. Your comments make me feel better. We think he had a mini stroke but should not have long lasting effect. He is such a smart dog, half human really. Anyways he got a lot of kisses, hugs and pats.

  • Aw poor wee man. Don't feel guilty about not running if he needs you. X

  • Poor fella (and poor you, not nice to deal with). The two fluffy reprobates in my profile pic, including a fellow 50kg lump, send lots of healing sniffs and licks. 

  • Oh Sweetie, so sorry for your worry. Hope he's feeling better in the morning. Xx

  • Aww he does look sad, doesn't he?  My old cat had a stroke under anaesthetic when he was having his teeth cleaned.  He was dopey anyway, so I don't think he noticed much, but he was left almost blind and dopier than ever.  The vets wanted to put him down, but when I went to the surgery and he heard my voice, he perked up in a major way, and we brought him home, where he lived for another couple of years perfectly happily poddling around the house and garden in his little foggy world.  He eventually had another stroke and couldn't stand up without walking in circles, so very sadly he had to take that last trip to the vets.  However, his last few years were very happy for him and for us.  I hope your boy rallies - losing a loved pet is just the worst.  Fingers crossed for you all. xx

  • I hope he picks up soon and I completely understand how you feel, I have had to take the afternoon off work today to look after my cat who had a seizure at lunchtime.  Our furry friends are part of the family aren't they, not just pets.  However if you feel able to, I'm sure a run will help clear your head.

  • So sad....hope he recovers very very soon...x

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