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12 degrees!


today I went out with the attitude of just a little run just to keep up the habit (I'm in the middle of 5 night shifts and really struggle with lack of sleep). I thought I do my old shorter route that i used to do on the walk/runs with laura then take the dog for a big walk while its a beautiful day!

I must have misjudged as I went I ended up doing 291/2 mins and 2.92 miles (excluding warm up/down) but I did find it a bit more difficult the - sun was hotter than I thought and I found I was seeking shade and wind were possible and it was only 12 degrees. I didn't realise how much impact this would have on my stamina but I did better than I planned so I pleased with that.

Also took the dog out for a lovely 2 mile walk through the fields as the family were all out for the day. so not a bad little active day considering my shifts and only a few hours kip! But I'm sure il pay for it tonight :-) ahhh well another day another dollar and all that .......

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Hope it means you sleep well when you do get your head down, and then feel better next day! I hate missing sleep - makes me very grumpy and running gets very hard.


We saw 10C this afternoon and it felt like summer! Hope you manage to get some decent sleep when you next get the chance. Life would be so much easier if we didn't need to get those $


Well done for your efforts today, I know you pain as I work shifts (just finished nights), luckily I am now off for a couple of weeks as my daughter is getting married...

I am not looking forward to the summer- I burn in any sun, already I end up with a beetroot face from my efforts without adding in the sun/heat - think I will be a dawn/dusk runner if we ever get any proper spring/summer! :-)

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