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10K Training

I've started Samantha Murphy's B210K podcasts, I ran week 2 run 1 on Wednesday. I have run every other day for the last 2 weeks, the B210k runs and a Parkrun on Saturday.

My thighs have been very achey for about a week, and I'm wondering if I'm overdoing it. Also my left knee was a bit niggly on the last run.

The suggested training schedule that I received from MacMillan (I'm running for team MacMillan at the Bedgebury Trailblazer on June 8th) mixes up the runs a lot, and although some of the runs are very short I'm thinking of maybe ditching Sam and going with this plan. That way I'll only be doing a really long run once a week plus 3 other runs.

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Sounds a sensible idea - no point overdoing things and having to stop! Short runs serve their purposes too. :)


I had to ditch this plan as I got injured (ankle), I think it builds too quickly and over does it for some, as we are all different, I devised my own, making sure I never increased over 10% a week or a single run.

So far so good and upto 13K, a slight ankle problem, caused by cycling for 5x50 I think.


I do think The Samantha Murphy plan is becoming too much, I feel my old legs need a 2 day recovery after a longer run, so I'll be doing a long run once a week, a Parkrun run, and maybe a 5k+ podcast.

The "good" thing about these aches and pains is that it's reminding me to do extra stretches and knee strengthening exercises.


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