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Right thats it, I give up!! (on intervals, for the moment)

I tried the c25k+ speed podcast again today, didn't get very far with it! I have decided that I am not ready for it yet and will just keep plodding on doing my 5k not worrying too much about pace and try intervals again next month.

Not sure if I am going too fast but even the recovery runs, if you follow the suddenly evil Lauras suggested pace, are too fast for me, I do have a long stride so even the warm up run ends up being about 9 min miles and when I start the first interval I am just about running on empty!

Anyway, I am not going to worry about it keep doing what I have been doing and re try later. I find a failed run more disheartening than if I had not gone at all.

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I've not even looked at these Podcasts yet (I'm afraid to :D), I've just being doing my own thing since finishing C25K which has so far being to increase my running time each run, which yesterday I did too 41m 23s.

I hear you with failures being disheartening, they really knock me, which is why I always tell myself failure is not an option because I know coming back after a failure for me is always harder!

Hopefully you'll find something that works for you, good luck!


I have commented on your other blog too, but re long stride... perhaps try to concentrate on pushing you knees forward rather than your foot (hope that makes sense and you don't fall over!) When I do the speed session and do the 150 strides per minute bit I feel like I am almost running on the spot - but I am covering the distance so can't be! (I am a mere 5ft 5inchs so no long leg issues here!)


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