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Combining running with cycling?

I graduated a couple of weeks ago and since then have been running the 30 minutes (or a bit more) 2-3x a week. However I'm about to start cycling to work and back - combined about 6 miles per day - and I feel like the running might be a bit too much on top of this.

I don't want to lose my progress but equally I don't want to get injured or overtrain. So I'm thinking about running only 1 day/week at the weekend for the next couple of weeks until I get used to the cycling, and then work back up to 3 times per week.

Is this a good idea? More/less running? I really don't want to end up back where I was before I started C25K.

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I cycled 2-3 times a week whilst doing C25K, up to around 125-200miles a week, the bulk of this being my sunday club ride.

I suppose it depend on your cycling experience but I found that it was good fo low impact execise and didn't adversley affect the running too much if I kept the efforts low key.

My advice would be stick to the unning three times a week but gradually add the cycling in eg commute 2-3 days by bike to begin with on the non running days.

Once the cycling is established, next step Duathlons!


You should be fine to keep up the running three times a week but if you do find you have to miss the odd one or two, don't panic too much about it.

I want to start cycling to work too but will probably stick to non-running days as my commute is 8 miles each way (and hilly) so takes a lot longer to cycle than it does to drive !


Hi! I run every other day if I can (shiftwork allowing) and I find that when I cycle it uses different leg muscles so even if I have had a hard run it feels fine, but I also feel the benefit as cycling so much easier now I am fitter!

I would agree with the previous posts, try and keep your running to 2/3 times a week and add in the cycling a bit more gradually if you are finding doing everything a bit much! I jumped on my bike this evening for day 2 5x50 and did 7,38km in 28 minutes; was really enjoyable in the late afternoon sun. Will have to think about commuting to the station again (3 miles each way) on suitable shifts! :-)


Thanks for your helpful replies!

The day I got my bike I went for a 12 mile ride and was really sore afterwards, hence the question. But I think this was just because I hadn't biked for a year or so, and it's been much easier the past day or two. So I think I'll follow your advice and just stick with my old running schedule.


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