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Let's try again

So had a bash at this last year got as far as finishing week 3 then stopped, made a load of excuses to myself and never started again. But I have been reading the email updates and following the progress people have made, yeah I felt a little ashamed that I didn't do it but felt great for those who did, good on yous.

So I'm at the same stage I was last year, overweight, unfit .... But have a new job, better hours off work, a gym at work that I'm now a member of , things are on the up. I'm findning myself wanting to have another go at this. So, once my daughter has gone to bed and my better half is catching up on her recorded programmes I'm off out for W1 R1

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Now you've said it, you'll go and do it! Clever strategy to stop yourself changing your mind. :) Things are looking up for you, there's been a bit of sunshine around (well, there has here anyway) and you're going to go all the way to week 9 this time. Go for it!


Welcome back. Maybe it just wasn't the right time before and now is.

Glad to hear things are looking up for you.

Go for it - you've only weight and being unfit to lose :-)

There's a whole community here ready to help/share/cheer you on.


Thx :)

Well I just got back have to say I felt it lol, legs got a little heavy towards the end and was a little self conscious about all the people about although when some other runners went past it didn't have a negative effect on me because I viewed it as a preview if what I'll be doing in a few weeks


Well done for getting out the door. You're on the way. :)


Well done!! Don't worry about feeling self-conscious - just enjoy it!! :-)


Welcome back! I like the way you viewed the other runners - you'll be there sooner than you think!


Thx for all the welcomes, am glad to be back :)


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