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C25K Week 8 Run 3

Is it just me or does anyone else have a weird sort of out-of-body experience when they're running?

I know it's me running because I'm struggling to breathe properly, nose is running and legs are hurting, but by the end of the run it's all become a bit of a blur and it doesn't feel like it was me that was able to do that at all.

Take yesterday for example. Run 3. Was very anxious after only managing 23 minutes of running on Wednesday, but went slow and steady (nothing new there!) and completed the 28 minutes. It wasn't easy. After 5 minutes I thought I was going to have to forget it. 10 minutes passed and it seemed ok. At about 12 minutes I had to stop to re-tie my trainer lace. Was only stationary for about 20 seconds but that was long enough for my thighs to start seizing up. By halfway breathing was an issue and I was getting too hot so had to take my hat and gloves off. At 23 minutes it was all becoming too much but I was determined to make it to 27 minutes which I did and although there was no last minute push this time (carried on at the same pace), I made it to the end.

Yet when I got home and my husband asked me where I'd run to, I couldn't remember where I'd stopped running and started the 5 minute walk. It was like the whole thing had just happened to someone else even though I had the painful legs to prove it was me! Oh dear, I'm not explaining myself very well, am I? Sometimes I wonder if I did actually do the run at all! It's very bizarre.

Anyway, despite it all I managed a very respectable 3.8km in the 28 minutes and I'm chuffed to bits with that. Am hoping to make it to 4km when I start my 30 minute runs next week, but I will not be pushing it, still have the very real pain in the top of my left inner thigh into my lower pelvic area :-( Making every run difficult at the moment as trying to run though the pain barrier as well as the mental barrier.

Week 9, I'm coming to get you!!

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I know exactly what you mean. A friend of mine suggested its almost like meditating. I wouldn't know, having never done it.

Sometimes I "forget" I'm running if that makes any sense?

Just jogging along listening to the music, nosily looking at everything almost like a passenger in a car.

Don't get me wrong, other times its " oh my legs ache....I can't breathe.....I'm not going to make this....." But that's usually in the first 10 minutes.

Good luck with week 9...... You're almost there!


Ooh and that painful hip/groin thing I had that last summer.

Ignored it and ended up off for about 4 months!

Best advice was to rest it.

No runner wants to hear that I know, but I ended up at a physio in the hospital for four or five sessions where she gave me exercises and treatment.



Well done Bex it won't be long before you get the badge next to your name. :-)

Make sure you rest and stretch your legs before and after your runs.

Best of luck with week 9


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