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Intervals, blimey!!

Tried the 5k + interval podcast today, man alive it is hard going I only managed half before giving up! I am not feeling 100% and looking at the garmin data my average pace was 9:08 min/miles my usual pace being around 10.30, but still I thought I would be able to do more than 11 mins of it!

But, if there is one thing this program has taught me it is keep at it and you will get there! So

that is what I will do.

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Yes, give us hope and keep us updated on how you fare with it next time!


I will sergeant, to get over my disappointment of not succeeding (I know that failure is a banned word on here!) I had a 10 minute break, drank some water then went out and did another 2 miles! was suprised to see my average pace was 10.14 min/miles, quicker than normal, so I cannot feel that bad!


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