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Fantabidosy run today - first run in the sun

Today was run 2 of week 5. The sun was shining, weather was cool and breezy - officially my favourite weather for running. I adjusted my layers fairly well and me and Baxter headed out (the border terrier pooch who helps me maintain my pace). It was a lovely run, friendly runners passing and smiling, an encouraging beep from mr white van man and Baxter managed to not poo the whole 32 minutes.

It set me up for the day. I'm feeling proud and chuffed with my efforts. This forum really keeps me motivated. Thanks everyone - Happy Easter.

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Well done you... and the pooch! Lovely to hear the sun was shining. Roll on Spring, eh? 8-)

So true about this blog keeping us motivated. Here's to your next run.


Great to hear of a good run in the sun 8-) - here's to many more of them!


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