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Getting there slowly!


So Thursday I went out for week 9 run 2 and after my torment on tues decided to take it a bit slower and go the reverse of my usual route to avoid open land and strong winds in the last section.

I'm very happy to say it worked out pretty well .. .. It was still very hard considering I didn't have much problem with the transition to week 8 from 7 but it wasn't as hard as sun and tues run so improvement all round :-D the weather was only a little warmer and the sun was shining this made a massive difference I think!

I hope to complete my graduation run on sat but I'm on nights again the whole of the bank holiday weekend (oh the joys of shift work) but as I will work an hour less sat night as the clocks go back and won't be as exhausted in work then I might just give it a whirl - weather permitting of course!

Cannot believe I've made it to this point am absolutely bursting with pride and can't stop telling everyone who will listen and even those who aren't about how c25k has changed my life :-D

any way after a long 24 hrs and a tough shift I'm off to bed, hope everyone enjoys the little bit of sunshine that threatening to show itself today and look forward to catching up on these inspirational blogs tonight !!!!!!!!!!

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Also forgot to say I completed this run in an average of 9.5 mins/mile and was close to getting that 5k in the 30 mins that's a whole 30 seconds I knocked off my last run :-)

That's a good speed and if my Math is correct you've cracked 5K in 30 minutes as 9.5 mins a mile = 3.15 miles = 5.0694 km :)

I've just completed W9 R3 and I was slightly slower, covering 4.9 km during the 30 minutes of actual running.

Good Luck with your Graduation Run!


Wooo - you''re two speedy bunnies! After you graduate, if you're still finding the runs pretty tough, you might enjoy going a bit slower for a while, to let your legs catch up with you!



Well done too olsBean, so you will have that shiny graduation badge soon :-)

I struggle to use the app tracker it's a little complicated so to be honest I'm only guessing but in all I did complete the whole 40 mins which I got as 4 miles in total. I estimate my warm up/down to be around 350 yards so yes I probably did complete the 5k but I don't trust the app completely as some days it says I've ran an extra half mile when I have done the same route lol! Get this - My walming up walking pace is actually faster than my running pace suppose this comes from being very small and having a very tall husband and having to walk double quick to keep up with his leisurely stroll :-)

Green legs thanks for the encouragement only 1 run left for me and I'm itching to get it done but I'm forcing myself to rest today so not to do too much!

Ps I'm addicted to this forum it's starting to worry me lol

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