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Week 5 Run 2 - So pleased so pleased so pleased!

Run 1 of week 5 was awful for me, therefore I was dreading run 2. I had been out all day with daughter swimming and then the park in this cold weather, so decided I didn't want to go out again once I had lit the fire and got all cosy. Partner came home and I told him I wasnt going out it was too cold. He said its warmed up now and I should go.

So off I went. Went on a route I know well it has a long slight incline then is all flat or slightly downhill, so I decided to start a little slower than normal, and it worked. By the time I got to the top of the slight incline Laura had told me I was half way through. On the way back I again have a slight but long incline and I did it so much easier than the last time I ran it, I then upped my pace for the last couple of minutes and when Laura said thats it, I continued to run for another minute to the end of the road.

I felt absolutely ELATED. It just goes to show that no 2 runs or days are the same and I am getting fitter! Bring on Run 3!!!!!!

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Lovely, lovely! So good to see progress like that, isn't it? Good for your partner to get you out the door too! Look what you'd have missed. :)


Thanks. I've done alot of different sports etc over the years but never experienced this sense of achievement before. : )


Well done!!! I'm glad you got that extra push to get out the door! We all have good runs/bad runs and when we have a great run, there is no better feeling! Gayle


Well done Julie.

Sounds like you're ready for the big run :-)

Good luck and look forward to seeing your blog once it's done


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