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C25K Week 7

Well, who'd have thought it? I have managed to complete Week 7. 3 x 25 minutes of light jogging all done. And I'm chuffed to bits.

If anyone has read my previous blogs you will know that after Week 2 Run 1 I was very down in the dumps because I hadn't been able to complete the podcast and was ready to give up before I'd even started.

But look at me now!

Yes, I struggle to get to the end of that 25 minutes. Yes, there isn't much left in the tank and although I do try and speed up for the last 60 seconds, it's not exactly a sprint. Yes, I know that come Week 8 tomorrow the extra 3 minutes will seem like a lifetime. Yes, I'm aware I won't win any awards for my plodding, but I'm able to do it and I'm getting fitter, that's the main thing.

And it couldn't have come at a better time because my daughter's going to have to give up her long distance athletics sessions because her coach has put up the price by 150%!!!!! At least she can go running with myself or her Dad now if she wants to keep it up. (She's still doing her other athletics session that her younger sister does too cos those prices have only gone up 43%!! Honestly, it's so unfair. We simply can't afford it. Spent most of Friday night lying awake trying to work it out and crying lots, but the plain fact is, we don't have the money. Feel bad, but nothing we can do at the moment and she's taken it well.)

So this week I managed to jog my way to a total of approximately 9 1/2 kms and on one of my rest days I walked a further 4 km. That's amazing. I can hardly believe that I have done that. I couldn't even jog to the end of my road 8 weeks ago. And as much as I have cried, panted, ranted and cursed, it's working and I can't deny that. I don't know how it works, but it does.

Good luck to everyone else out there with your C25K plans. Be careful if you've got ice or snow, tricky conditions to run in. Hope it all goes well but even if it doesn't, don't give up :-) xx

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Well done Bex. It just is an amazing programme isn't it. I'm so glad my cousin told me about it. Like you when I started I couldn't run to the end of the road but now I just ran 25 minutes, yes it was a slog but I did it and yes I did put a bit more effort into the last minute. :-)

So you are onto week 8 now, good luck with that and I'm sure you will do fine, just look at how far you have come already. :-)


Keep on going! :)


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