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Took 2 hours to get out of door - but running through snowflakes was worth it

The streets and park almost deserted with just a few dog walkers - muffled with so many scarves and hats that they became unisex bundles of clothing. But then I passed a few other runners - and we gave each other big smiles.

Because keeping going in this weather is so tough - but when you're out there and have struggled past the first ten mnutes it's exhilarating. Even a strong headwind didn't dent my cheerfulness today - my cheeks were so hot the snowflakes were evaporating in less than the blink of an eye.

I beginning to think I actually might love running in the cold - maybe it's because I'm still not so fit so I heat up to a raspberry sizzle in no time. I hate the blast of freezing wind as I step out of the front door - but by the time I'm just a street away from home I'm almost dancing no matter how good or really terrible the run.

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I love running in the cold too as I dont overheat and the snow is so much fun to run long as you dont slip or tangle with icy, slushy puddles like greenlegs!! :O Yes, whenever I meet other runners when its awful conditions like rain or snow there is that real feeling of camaraderie and toughness that you mention; I love that! :)

Glad you had a great run parkbirdy; I would have loved to have gone out today but have a bad back so am hoping that will sort itself out quickly and not linger like my last experience with this :(



sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. Im like sue, love running in the cold as I too get soooo hot when out running. makes you feel great when you venture out in horrible weather ~ a "real" runner :)


Yes, I like running in the cold and still end up in a t-shirt and gloves once I've warmed up.


Running with snow it's one of the best things EVER!

I'm glad you could make it :)


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