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Stepping Stone? you must be kidding

Went out with the Stepping Stone post-5k podcast today. What a waste of a run that was.

I reckon if you can move your legs in time with Laura's beat, then you're either a born runner (which I'm not) or very short (which I'm not).

Plus, I take exception to Laura's blithe statement that Couch25K can get 'almost everybody running 5k within 9 weeks'. Good as it is, it seems from the comments on this blog that of the people who actually do it, most don't do 5k and most take longer than 9 weeks.

Came back feeling miserable and grumpy. Grrr!!

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Grump grump grump! He he! I still haven't tried stepping stones. Maybe I will one day. I did try counting my breaths today after reading TX bluebonnet's blog about it, but found it really hard to concentrate on counting breaths and paces at the same time, not to mention avoiding falling over in the slush. So I didn't actually work out anything useful there. I did count my paces though - 160 at my usual speed, and 154 when I speeded up a bit. Now, does that make sense that I had fewer paces when I was faster? The steps were longer.


I know how you feel it can feel very tough, i remember my first attempt and it felt harder and achieved less distance then when i did it my way!

But do try it again but shorten you stride when running. I'm 6'4" so it is possible for us tall'uns and it is really helpful to get into this type of running, because once you get used to it you can then mix up your pace and training schedule, so that you get more out of each session. Good luck :-)


Thanks Phil. I may try it again when I'm feeling more positive. If you can get your legs going that fast then I don't really have an excuse...


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