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No running, so I figure sledging is a good alternative!

There is a lot of snow up here in leeds today, so I recon instead of the usual 30 min run an hour of sledging with the kids will be just as much exercise, running up and down the hill etc. I am looking forward to comparing how much difference the running has made, last time I went I was knackered after about two goes! This time I am hoping to fly up the hill (and back down) over and over again.

Just hope I don't get too giddy and injure myself!

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Have fun running up that hill! He he! I'm sure you're right and an hour of sledging will be extremely good exercise. Do come back and blog how it went - no injuries though!


I loved sledging with my boys when they were young, it was quite sad when they decided mum would be an embarressment and they left me behind. It was only because I had to make the whoooooosh and weeeeeeeeeee sounds on the way down too. :)


As it turned out, we only managed about 15mins before frozen little hands (not mine) forced us to go home!


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