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5K done :-)

Having graduated on Tuesday I was feeling ever so slightly disappointed with myself for not hitting the 5K mark! So today I was determined to get to 5K, and I did in 32 mins. I chose a flatter route than normal but still 5K is 5K!

All I have to do is get in in 30 mins or under, then I will feel I have defo earned my badge, not that I don't wear it with pride, just that targets like that spur me on.

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Yowsa! Well done Bluepiano. And 32 mins is so close!

Haven't tried to do 5K yet (30 minutes is 4K for me), but if we get a day with decent weather instead of horrible cold rain, I'm going to map out a route and give it a go.


Well done! You'll be coming in under 30 mins soon no doubt! :-) Whats next for you?


Wow, some achievement. Like Lucy I am only at 4k at the mo. I cant imagine going that fast yet, I'll be sick! Be nice to hear what you move on to next.


Well done! Can't wait to get to that stage.


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