Graduation Day!!!

Well that's that then, just done week 9 run 3.

I am proud of myself, it has been hard and I nearly gave up a couple of times (like I did about week 4 last year!) but all you lovely and highly motivational people have, to be frank, kept me going.

I am a bit disapointed I did not manage the 5K part despite running for just over 30 mins, I did choose a route with a long steep uphill (and then down again) which slowed my pace a little, I also have a cold and my breathing is not great, but I managed the usual 2.8 miles. I can know work on the magical 5k 30min mark over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I would like to thank my producer, my parents, my fans and most of all you. ;-)

Now how do I get the magic green box?

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  • Congratulations!! Great achievement. Wish I was @ graduation stage :-)

  • Thanks, it seems to come round pretty quick!

  • Congratulations!!! Go to directory, click admin and send them a message! Whoo hoo!

  • Cheers

  • Well done. Looking forward to seeing your shiny badge next to your name.

  • Tank you, me too.

  • I mean thank rather than tank!

  • Whohoo! Well done Bluepiano!!

  • Cheers, by the way, your profile pic is ace :-)

  • Well done, I graduated last week so I know what a great feeling it is to stick with the programme and finish it!

  • Thank you and congrats to you too

  • whoop whoop!! and a big cheer from me!! very well done m'dear!!

    you've done it!!

    get on to admin and get that badge!

    next stop - 5km :-)

    ali x

  • Cheers Auntie! I have 5K firmly in my sights!

  • So you should feel proud of yourslef, well done you. :) Message to Admin should get your green badge (I think but have been away for 4 weeks so hope its not changed).

  • Thanks very much, have messaged Admin and am awaiting delivery.

  • Congratulations - must be such a great feeling.

    Class of 2013 :-D

  • It is a good feeling, although I didn't realise till after I had run that it was my graduation run!


  • Well done to you! Don't worry about the 30 minutes, you'll do that as well!


  • Hurrah! Fantastic that you've run all the way to graduation. 5k will be with you very soon too! :)

  • Well done to you, what an achievement - it feels great doesn't it? Awaiting my badge too :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation! And look at that badge :) Don't worry, the 5k will come.

  • Well done on the graduation. The green badge looks great.

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