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Back from the bed - Wk3 off to a flying (crawling?) start

I had to take over a week off because of illness, and only felt sort of normal again on Saturday. After a looonngg day on Sunday (kids awake at 5.30 for the second day running) the evening came and I was in two minds about whether to go out, and if so whether I should redo a wk 2 run or crack on with three. I nearly couldn't download the podcast and was just picturing myself on the sofa when it worked and made the decision for me.

I'd had a false restart a week ago after two days off when I thought I was better and did the last wk 2 run, then felt like hell the following day and ended up being off work all week, so I was pretty nervous about a) overdoing it again too quickly and b) not being able to manage the three minute run. So I listened carefully to Laura and all the advice on here about gentle pacing and took it very easy indeed. It paid off though, because I stuck with it through all the segments. It did make me laugh when Laura told me to run so that a person behind an invisible hedge would think I was walking by the movement of my non-bobbing head. I thought, they wouldn't have to be behind a hedge to get the impression I was walking....! I could see how slow I'd been when I finished the podcast streets before I normally do. Hopefully, I'll have the confidence to slightly pick up the pace tomorrow. For the first time I can slightly feel it in my legs today, but not badly by any means. It's not surprising given the week off and the step up in running time.

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Just wanted to say well done on getting back. I too recently was ill and had to stop for over a week but like you, I slowed the pace right down and I think that really helped. Its more important to finish than be fast and I'm feeling back to normal now.

You also have my sympathies on the early waking - my son is going through a phase of waking up at 5.30 at the moment. It's a killer isn't it?!


I agree with LondonKel... slow is good, especially if you've been having problems.

Well done and happy running. :-)


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