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Week 9 and loving it!

I just wanted to share a thought I related in an answer to another of our team's posts.

Today after a week of hard business, terrible weather in Germany, technical issues that had me litterally recording from one Apple device to another (major low tech)! I found that I had an amazing feeling in my lower body all day. NO, stop it! I did not mean that, I felt more alive than I have in ages and felt like a gazelle poised to jump and run at the slightest whiff of a nasty big cat.

I have not felt this good for, well, I can not remember. This programme was tough for me and the mental and physical challenges were immense, but I am really close now and feel absolutely fantastic.

I am practicing my graduation blog already, but seriously, I was not fit and even at school the 1500m killed me. Now, with warm up and warm down, I am able to get past the 5km mark and still have something left in the tank.

Anyone who thinks they can not do this programme, is wrong. Laura is the inspiration, but believe me, you can do it. Believe and it will happen...

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Yay! I agree. And this is from someone who never ran further than a primary school race down the field - no 1500m for me! :)


Thanks greenlegs, you are an inspiration to all and wow you may say you are slow on the road, but you are certainly quick on the blog!


Ha ha! Can't keep me away from here! :D


Shinjin ... it is amazing how c25k has made us all feel this way .. as like you and greenlegs I was always a very bad runner at school .... they gave me the discus in the end :)

Have a good graduation week. ;D


Yay, another gazelle! It's my mantra as I plod slowly along the track: "I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle" :D

Seriously, though, yes, this programme is fantastic and the support on here is great. I'm really looking forward to your graduation run and blog - not long now!


going to try the Gazelle chant ... it's how I have felt, just not voiced it .. now I know how too :)


I know it doesn't look that way, but that's how I feel inside. Sometimes it works :D


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