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Registered for first 5k today. Well, I guess I'm committed to this now!

I've completed W3D3 of the C25k and feeling pretty good about it, and pretty anxious about the future.

I have always hated running. I've considered it one of the most boring activities I could image doing since I was a kid. Never an athlete, I tried the usual sports growing up and was never really all that good. My short career as a cross-country runner in high school ended when diagnosed with Osgood–Schlatter disease or syndrome, which is an irritation of the patella ligament caused by growing too fast in a short period of time. Anyway, that news couldn't have made me happier — no more running for me! Yay!

My only other "running" experience was in college, when I would get the random urge to head out for a run — never consistent and the urge would subside in about 5 or 10 minutes. That was always followed by a much-needed cool-down walk back to the dorm. And that's pretty much it. For the past 25 years I've pretty much poo-pooed running conversions with my usual comment, "I can't think of anything more boring."

Well, now 50, I decided it was time to get myself in better shape for the next 50 years of my life. I'm fairly active, just out of shape and a little overweight. And that needs to change! So, I decided on a whim one day to head down to the treadmill and start the Couch25k. I downloaded an app for my iPhone, added some new songs, and started on my new adventure.

Week one was pretty tough. My calves and shins were killing me. By the beginning of Week 2 I was really feeling the pain. Doing a little research, I started stretching, took Aleve about a half hour before my run, adjusted my shoes, slowed my pace, and got myself into a groove that allowed me to complete week 2 and I couldn't wait for Week 3 to begin.

Now, I haven't told anyone in my immediate life I'm doing the C25k thing. Initially I was afraid I wouldn't complete it — everyone I know who has started has not finished. If that was going to be me, I certainly didn't want anyone to know about it. But now I feel really motivated and excited that I can do this. I'm actually enjoying running for the first time — imagine that! So, then I was thinking how fun it would be to just come home one day with a runner's tag after completing a 5k — Surprise!! :-)

Well, this past week my oldest daughter said she was registering for a Color Me Rad 5k that is almost exactly one month after I will complete week 9. Oh, no — I wasn't expecting to have a 5k available so soon. For the past several days I have been talking myself into and out of registering for the run. Part of me thinks the motivation would be good and I'm excited about the possibility to celebrate my victory in such a vivid and colorful way, but the other part of me is wondering if I will actually be able to finish this — remember, I have yet to know anyone who has started and actually finished C25k... but I really want it to be me!

So, today is the deadline to register, and I DID IT. EEK! Well, now I'm committed and I can't wait to see my daughter's face when I show up ready to run the race, not just watch, but to actually RUN! So, team "Couch to Rad" is moving forward and getting ready for some colorful fun!

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Wooohoooo GO You! :)

I'm over a decade older than you, and like you balked at most suggestions to run for my entire life ... I quite liked team sports like netball but that fizzled in my twenties. Yes, yes, yes, have a ball and surprise your daughter. I plan to surprise my sons - both participating sports fiends in their 30s - by losing excess pounds, beating the onset of asthma, and running somewhere between 5 and 10k in the late summertime. We can certainly do this - anyway, I have to now since I treated myself to some beautiful but expensive running shoes last week! Keep blogging your progress cos you'll find the support on this forum beyond amazing! I've had a couple of grotty weeks, but remain determined and encouraged by everyone else. Lots of luck in the coming weeks. Linda ;)


Wow well done. I bet your daughters face will be a picture to behold on that day. LOL

Good luck with your runs you can and will do this. :-)


What a great blog! :) I didn't tell my husband I'd started this for the first couple of weeks (hid my new running shoes under the bed!) because he's very sporty and I am NOT and I wanted to have got started properly before I mentioned it.

But I did it - so now you do know someone who has completed it! (Part of my inspiration was someone at work who did it last year, which did encourage me - I didn't know anyone who'd started and not completed.) The online support here made such a big difference to my motivation - there were times when I wondered what on earth I was doing - when it was cold and icy, or I was just feeling rubbish - but the thought of all the running buddies on here kept me going. I wanted to be able to get back home and write it up, and read about everyone else's ups and downs - and ooooH all those gremlins that we defeated on the way!

Congratulations on signing up for the 5k. Your daughter will be so proud of you! Now you've put it on here, you have to keep going! Take care not to overdo it in the push for 5k though - no time for injury outtakes in your schedule there! ;)


Yay, you are fantastic! I started this programme last April with two virtual running buddies (we live in different parts of the country so couldn't run together) but didn't tell anyone else until I was fairly sure the new habit would stick. I've always been overweight and never been fond of exercise, so wasn't sure that this was going to 'work'. Of course, it's me that's been doing the work but it is a wonderful programme and it has worked for me - and it will for you too, just take it steadily so you don't injure yourself. Great to hear that you have entered for the run - think how amazing you'll feel afterwards!


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