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Who is this woman and what has she done with the person I used to be?

I don't recognise myself anymore. I don't mean when I look in the mirror, because sadly the same blobby overweight person looks back at me, but the exercising person, who spends money on running clothing and plans her diary around her runs.

My diary for this week:

Monday - ran through the snowflakes. It was too cold and it was a crappy run, but I still did it.

Tuesday - swam half a mile (ouch)

Wednesday - ran 5k (in two halves, admittedly), skipping through snowdrifts

Thursday - the Swiss Ball class and the Mistress of Pain (ouch ouch)

Friday - a day off, but shopping in Sports Direct because I NEED a new top

Saturday - planned to be a long run

Sunday - deciding which Race For Life to go for, and entering online.

And every day, of course, checking in on here to find out what my running buddies are doing. I know from all the blogs on here that I am only one of many who have had a huge lifestyle change thanks to this programme. But ain't it just magic? Long live c25k and all who enrol in the programme!

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so you are now Anniemorph :) what a week you are having ... not even asking about Thursday and it's 50 shades of exercise :)


heh heh I like Anniemorph :) I'm trying desperately to forget Thursday, but already I can feel it looming in next week's plan! And sadly, I think it should be 50 shades of puce :D


Well done Anniemorph! :-) Keep it up.


Thank you! I'll try :) Might also consider changing my name :D


Oh yes Annie; so many of us now who have been touched by the "running fairy" which is great but she is gradually bleeding my bank account dry!! :O Like you, I just NEED all these lovely extras.... ;)

Loving amsjo's reference to Thursday - it does actually sound a bit like something from Christian Grey's secret room antics :D

Sue x


Ha - I like your 'running fairy', Sue! I'm just wondering how many miles my trainers have done and therefore when I'm going to have to think about replacing them :/

Regarding 50 shades of puce, the difference I can see is that I thought you were supposed to enjoy it :D I survived yesterday, but the MoP brought out dumbells to add to the resistance, just in case we were in any danger of finding it easy. The funny thing is, though, I know I'll be back there next week!


Thanks for this very funny blog - and I really love amsjo's new name for you!


I love it too :D Can I change my username on here, I wonder?


Sounds like you should do the 5x50 challenge! Are you doing it? With your energy you'd do really well :)


Erm... no. Today has actually been a really lazy day - well, not deliberately lazy but sedentary. It was bucketing down this morning so didn't get out for my run early enough before the rest of the day kicked in, so I'll just have to do my long run tomorrow. Thanks for the thought, though!

And energy? I can hear a large glass of wine calling my name right now :D


Enjoy! You deserve it :)


Hahahaha Anniemurph who has graduated to Anniemorph - love it. :) I like my Stability Class a.k.a. Swiss Ball/Don't fall off class!!! Well done you, your week sounds pretty darn energetic to say the least.


If only I was stable on the darn thing! The MoP was telling us about a bloke she saw who could actually stand on the ball. I was gobsmacked! I can't even sit on it reliably :D


Hi Anniemorph :-)

I know just how you feel. One of my friends is sure that I have been abducted by aliens who have replaced me with an unconvincing copy! The idea that I would go running for fun would never have occured to me back in my college days in Dublin when we first became friends but here I am. Have you signed up for your Race for Life? One of my running friends has convinced me that I should sign up for the 10K - eeek! I've never done a race of any kind before. Good luck


Hi Pingle - yes, I have signed up for RFL, in Hyde Park on 14th July. Help! I couldn't even think about a 10k, though - all credit to you and go for it! I've never done a race before either, but we can do this... can't we?

And these aliens - at least they are kind, benevolent aliens :D


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