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Running in Champagne is great :)

So it's been a few days since I wrote, but oh have they been busy!! We went to the Champagne region last weekend and because my last run was on Friday evening I took my running clothes with me!! My husband's mouth dropped open when I got them out (what a sight :) ) it's the first time I have ever took sport gear on holiday!. I had to run (W3 R3) around the hotel area but it went really well and there was a hill included....the temperature was 16°c so it was a huge change from not so sunny and cold Belgium.

This week is W4 and I was really nervous about it. On Monday I went out and it was snowing and -1°c, but I managed it. It wasn't fast, but the main point was to stay on my feet. I was surprised at how well I felt about running for 5 mins, no stitch and I paced myself with my breathing, also I don't run that fast, so this is also why it felt good I think.

Last night was my W4R2 and it was more like an ultramarathon!! Between dodging the ice patches and jumping on and off the kerb to the cycle path, I felt exhuasted. I finished the run but I was well and truly cream crackered. I hope that tomorrows run finally goes well...if not I might repeat this week before doing W5. I will see how it goes :-D

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You've had a bit of a variety in temperatures to adapt to! Keep going - you're doing a grand job there! :)


That's true....and I said to my husband after running in the snow and ice I now have no more excuses....whatever the weather I can run......might have shot myself in the foot there...lol ;)


Just read this, it made me laugh! My husband is so non-commital about everything, I'm still not sure if he's really noticed I've taken up running! I suppose he wouldn't really because I always go when he is at work. I haven't said anything because it really is a personal/private challenge and I will tell him when I complete the 9 weeks. He knows I have new running clothes (my daughter announced the fact), and he made a comment about going out running with our dog, but since then nothing!! Men are funny!


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