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Merry Christmas to me.... Not :(

No running now for a while :( thanks to a wonderful thing called medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints to me and you.

I am so annoyed now. It was a normal run this evening until the pain started, not just from the shin but the knee felt like it had twisted slightly. It was a long walk home :( On the plus side.... hang on a second, there isn't a plus side :(

Positive thinking.... positive thinking.. maybe I'll go swimming while I'm waiting for it to heal. And I have my Christmas Day run to look forward to, booked earlier today on Endomondo, although it may only be a short one.

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Hi eshaz yeh take it easy until its better. Swimming is probably the best

thing to do. Good luck. Ed x


Sorry to hear that, I had shin splints myself and it's not pleasant. Can your doctor refer you to a chiropractor maybe? I had one sort me out with massage and stretching.


Ah Sharyn! You're just jealous of me that's all :-). Go and see your osteopath or a physio. You need treatment for this one hon.

Colette x


Oh no Sharyn, poor you! How awful to get something like this so far into your running; I suppose it could hit us at any time however long we have been running. Fingers crossed you are ok soon and for your Xmas day run too..... The plus side - at least you dont have to worry if its icy or not!!

Best wishes and take care. Hope to see you up and going for it real soon.

Sue x


I'm in the same boat. Its going to be 3 weeks since I last ran this sunday and can't see myself running until after christmas now. I've managed to get 2 swims in last week and my foot hasnt hurt too much afterwoulds. Ive got plantar faciitis and can't see myself walking 5km for a good few weeks never mind run! I think quite a few graduates here are off with injuries at the moment!


Oh, what a bummer! I was out at Cutteslowe this morning, carrying the [proverbial] torch for us Couch to 5K folks. But I hope you get well quickly and can join me again soon!

(Actually -- here's a thought: This might be a good time to get your ParkRun volunteer slot out of the way, when you can't do the run anyway. I'm thinking of doing mine in January, when I'm in the early stages of the Bridge-to-10K plan, since it starts off with shorter runs)


(((Hugs))) to you Sharyn!! I hope the knee feels better soon. You mentioned a slight twisted feeling? Is that common with shin splints? The reason I asked, when researching my knee problem on the net, I found most knee problems are actually caused from hip or foot issues. I only play a doctor here on the internet. ;-) I hope you find the cause and can be up and running soon. You have made it too far to be slowed down by a dratted injury. Gayle


I've been sulking because I can't run..... childish I know, but hey, why not :p

Thank you for all your lovely comments and thoughts. I walked around town the other day hand delivering Xmas cards and it felt like I was on my warm up, it was so difficult not to start running, but I gave myself a good talking to! There are the occasional twinges, going up and down stairs has been interesting, but that is becoming more normal now.

I haven't had chance to go swimming yet, silly times for lane swimming, either first thing in the morning or 8pm-9pm, and I don't know about you lot, but early morning is time to get dinner ready for that night and having breakfast and by 8pm I am so not interested in leaving a warm house to go out in the cold.

I'm so ready to go out and run, pity my body isn't of the same mind. Watch this space, sulking over now and ready to read what you've all been up to :)


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