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Return of the Red Face

After 2 months off following illness, I took the plunge and took my trainers for a bit of exercise. It was pretty hard finding the motivation to begin again, so I have started reading blogs again in the hope that I get rebitten by the running bug!

My aim was to start back at Week 1, but for some reason I cant get it onto my Blackberry, so I went out with Week 2, and I am very happy to report that I completed it, and I felt great! The trail was deserted, so noone witnessed my 'Yeeessssss!' at the end of my last run, but I feel like I'm ready to start my journey again!

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Well done and good for taking your first steps back into it :) ..and we all felt your 'Yeeesssssss' :D

Happy journey. :)


Great news, glad you're feeling better and on the road again.


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