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Rosie's inspiration

A few days ago someone posted a link to Rosie Swale Pope's website. Well thanks very much! I got the e book and read it more or less non stop. Finished this morning and got up and decided to try my first run in two weeks despite a sore throat/cold that's been stopping me. Very glad I did. I'm back on track. Did week six run one which is a 5 min 8min 5 min thing and was just right for me.

Still have a sore throat but hopefully that won't hang around too long. Forgot to charge my iPod so had to do without Laura. Had to sing Flower of Scotland in my head to help me keep going. Not sure why that song as Scotland are playing Wales today and I'm from Cardiff!

Good luck to all of you and happy running. Come on Wales, you can do it.(with apologies to Scottish readers.)

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Brilliant you got back out there and did it. :-)

Sorry but I have to root for Scotland. :-)


Great attitude Norni! Rosie's story does look inspiring. I loved the idea of a Welsh supporter singing Flower of Scotland - very funny!


Brilliant you are back on track but I have to root for SCOTLAND also lol.


Apologies again to Scotland because we love you really. I'm married to an Englishman born in Wales of Irish heritage so it's all very confusing. However, I'm sure of two things, Wales to win and me to keep on running....l hopefully.....


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