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Week 2 - let's go round again

Just completed W2R3. Run 2 was a killer (for me!), :p so I wasn't looking forward to run 3. It was still hard but my legs weren't as heavy and the breathing was a little better (couldn't do Laura's tip - would need resuscitating). However, I don't feel ready to go onto week 3 - 3 minutes seems like such a big jump from 90 secs. I think I'll either repeat the whole week or individual runs depending on how I feel. Just wondering if it's worth looking at my footwear - shins ache a little. I also think I'll use the cross trainer in between runs. :)

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I don't really know because I'm not sure about aches but I'd go for it he next week. You could be surprised....I was. Everyone says trust the programme and so far it seems to work. Honest.


Hi Helen, your one run ahead of me, and I feel exactly the same way about the 3 mins. One of my shins aches today after R2 last night. I feel we've got to, as others say trust the programme and give it a go. I will be starting W3 on Monday. The very best of luck and GO FOR IT! Your comment about the breathing made me laugh, I was saying the same to my partner, but keep positive and maybe in a few weeks we will have it sorted! ??


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