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New here but on Week 7

Today I completed my second run of week 7 which I'm delighted about. It certainly felt easier than the last 2 runs and at that last minute when Laura suggests speeding up a little I found I was able to stride out a bit.

For the first time I tracked my run to see how far I had gone and was a little disappointed to find I was well short of the 5km target. I managed just under 2.8km in that time so it confirms that I'm going at a snail pace! I came here to see what I was 'doing wrong' and have seen lots of comments about the fact I should concentrate on just completing the runs and worry about the distance later on, which is what I shall try to do. It does mean that I have a target after the 9 weeks is up, so hopefully that will give me some motivation to carry on running.

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Welcome, from one snail to another! As you say, the bonus of being slow is that it's very easy to find a target after week 9 (though also highly tempting to try to get there too fast - I couldn't resist that 5k target, and did several very long runs that I probably wasn't really ready for - but I don't suppose I was the first and I won't be the last to do that either!)

However fast we're moving, it's a whole lot faster than sitting on the couch, and if going slowly means we don't give up and stop, it's a very good thing! Anyway, my pace has gradually improved in the 3 weeks since I graduated. Keep on blogging! :)


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