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Foot Pain - ache after 10 minutes

I completed Week 6 Run 1 today, which I was delighted with as I had to pause during Week 5 Run 3.

After 10 minutes running, without fail, I experience enormous pain in the arch of my right foot (slightly less pain in the left) that's kind of like cramp, but not as sharp. It's sort of a dull ache, but a really intense one, all along the tendon (?) underneath.

During W5R3 I had to stop at 10 minutes and walk it off for a few minutes, though I wasn't really feeling tired, physically or psychologically. Today, I did my 5 minute run fine, then half way through the 8 minute section I was in a lot of pain (though with 4 minutes left to run, I pressed on through it).

Any ideas what it might be, and how I can make it go away? It doesn't bode well for my running future if I can't do more than 10 mins at a time. :(

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Have you had a gait analysis? It could possibly be you need some extra arch support or shoes more fitted to your foot and you are noticing it more now since your in the longer runs. Ice may help with the discomfort. I hope you can find out the cause soon and sending best wishes! Gayle


Thanks for the comment Gayle, I think I'll try some arch supports and see if that helps. Gait analysis is so expensive! I would like a sports massage as there's heaps of tension in my right leg, but that's pretty pricey too.


We have stores here in the U.S. that offer a free analysis with the purchase of trainers. I just assumed it was probably the same way there. :-( Good luck to you!!!!


Another possibility is that your shoes might be fractionally too short/narrow? I've had ordinary shoes give me a crampy feeling when they weren't quite the right size.

Or maybe it's your running form - the way you land on your foot? Just some ideas that might be worth looking into. Hope you manage to figure it out soon, as it doesn't sound at all pleasant.


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