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End of week 7 and a 4lb loss, feeling on top of the world!!!

Hi all, just completed W7R3 and i feel amazing, i have run, yes run for 25 mins 3 times this week and can feel myself getting stronger with each run i complete. Not only that but i have also dropped 4lbs at last!!!

I just can't wait for the next 2 weeks so i can complete the programme. With my hand placed on my heart i would never have believed that i could come this far (or my poor ever supportive partner!!) it makes me believe that with hard work, determination and a little give and take i really can achieve goals.

Have a great sunday, hope the sun is shining for you xx

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That's an amazing weight loss well done! I haven't lost anything really apart from 1/2 lb here and there so for the week coming i'm going 'back to basics' lol. Congrats on the W7R3 also, very inspiring! :)


Great to hear about the positive effects that the running is having on your mood. I too feel the 'runner's high' and it is an awesome feeling! Well done and good luck for the coming weeks


Excellent progress - well done! A year after starting C25K I'm down by 32kg and within a kilo of my target weight. Stick with it. Being a runner does amazing things for you - way beyond being hinner and fitter. For me, it's a sense of self worth & self belief that I simply didn't have as the 'boring, fat old bloke in the corner'

Full marks to you so far - there's not long to go to the finish line.


Well done!! Not only on your running achievements but the shift in mindset and wellbeing.

My wife and I are doing it together and feel so proud of ourselves after every run.

Keep enjoying the journey :)


Lovely, inspiring blog....great news.


thanks everyone, this is group is an amazing support network that keeps me motivated, just wanted to give a little back, have a great Sunday xx


Lovely blog. :)


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