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Top of the class, not!

Top of the class, not!

Despite not running at my best recently, even ditched a run friday due to lead legs.!!!

I got a nice email from map my run, showing my total distances in Feb for walking and running and telling me am in the top tier.

Now who those top tier folks are !!!, but it makes me feel like I have scored an 'A' in an exam.

This is what they sent

Hi burst,

Great job! Your performance in February put you in the top tier of competitors in the 13+ million MapMyRun community.

Your Workout Summary for February

02/01/2013 to 02/28/2013

23 workouts

23 routes

137.4 total dist.

25.8 hours

41,125 burned

This has cheered me up no end, determined to run again next week, but taking is slowly. Oh yes despite the calories burned in a month I have gained 2lbs in weight, hope its really muscle.

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Well done ! And of course it is muscle :-)


Lovely picture and nice data! :)


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