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Yeh, 7r1 done and dusted

After a hard week at work, late night last night that stopped me running, I got home to find my wife away and my son on his X box live chatting to the world of games!

The treadmill was ready and after a few minutes getting changed and prepped, I thought I was good to go.

I pressed the wrong buttons on the treadmill, forgot to start my watch, started again and finally got everything started properly. As I had messed it up, my profile was lost and I was on another. The run speed was 9.8 and I mistook this for my normal. Last time I ran I had issues, so was to drop it this time, I reduced to what I thought a slower rate and settled down to my walk and then the run at 9.6.

24 minutes arrived and Laura said speed up. Last time I ran this time, I swore at this point. This time, I was up for it, selected 10 and then ran another 2 minutes!

All achieved with a heart rate of 160 max as opposed to the 174 last time.

So the "reduction in speed" had worked and I was able to easily complete the run and then step it up at the end........ Thing is I blogged last time and noted my speed: it was 9.6 too and not 9.8, so I had run further, longer and faster than ever before.

I am to say the least well chuffed with this!

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All sounds very good. :)


What a nice way to wrap up a hard day. I don't have a treadmill but if I did I'm sure I'd be pressing all sorts of wrong buttons and messing it all up, so good for you for figuring it all out and for running a personal best.


Thanks TX-Bluebonnet

I am up again today, so we will see how things go.

Good to hear from you in the US!


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