Eugh. Horrible! So cold, and just really difficult again for some reason (possibly due to late nights - saw Bloc Party over the weekend and engaged in some London-based revelry). Two more runs to go and still hoping to be certain of having done a 30 minute 5km. GPS worked this time at least, but the time didn't look good! Still, I seem to struggle more in the mornings than in the evenings after work, so hopefully in one of the next two I can just go all out and blitz it. Onward and upward. Keep going everyone!

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  • Well done on getting out there - late nights (and revelry) definitely make things harder. :)

    [Whinge on.]

    I wish it was called couch to 30 minutes. :( Then the distance could be a bonus, instead of a target... (And might well prevent injuries too, I suspect.)

    [Whinge off.]

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