The virtual run - Hope Springs Quest

The virtual run - Hope Springs Quest

A little late. I'm sorry. We are doing well. I'm thinking I will bring my chocolate cake to go with the cuppa. Hehe just have to make sure I don't really make it otherwise I will have to eat it all then I would probably have to do the whole run from Paris to Curlygurly2 to work off the calories😀 Thinking about it maybe I should work out how far one whole cake could take me in calories.

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  • Morning RFC. I can't remember if I missed a week's posting. if so, 25 k

    Last week I did 26 k

    Running ok at the mo, with no body parts falling off. Long may it continue!

  • Still a regular 5k x 3 for me (not all running, so not sure if that counts?)

  • I've lost the plot with this part of our questing. Is it the longest run of the whole quest we post? Or the sum of our runs each week? Big difference I know, I've been doing the former - when I remember...

  • It's just a bit of fun. It's the longest run of the whole quest and we are heading to curlygurlys2 for a cuppa.

  • That's fine, I kind of got confused. I'll wait until the end of this quest to post then :)

  • Mine was 7k :-)

    Woo Hoo , Get the kettle on Curly. I'll have mine in my usual bucket :-) xxx

  • A'noon RFC!

    I did another 26 k last week (26.7k to be precise)

    Are we nearly there yet? I'd like some date and walnut wi my tea, ta x

  • My longest has been 5K...I've got a nice ripe camembert waiting!

  • Are we still on with this? If so, I did 45 kms last week. Home-made date and walnut cake for me today to celebrate. Four days of running and nothing fell off. Yet!

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