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Bridge to 10k - first run

Well, started bridge to 10k on Sunday. Took it out of my legs! I was due to run again yesterday but decided to give my legs an extra rest. It feels like a big step up from 5k. First week is 4x10min runs with 1 min recovery intervals. I will run a gain Friday evening hoping it will go well. Not losing the weight gained over Christmas as easily as when i first started C25k before my daughter was born in October! Still sneaking the biscuits which might have something to do with it!

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Well done! I'm still too scared to try B210K, so I'm in awe of anyone who does any of it! :)


can you recommend a podcast or app for the B210k? Signed up for a 10k in the summer even though not graduated yet.. How long after finsihing the C25k did youw ait till you started this new challenge and what did you do in between? Sorry 20 questions but really interested and will follow your blogs avudly!



Try this link!

I waited umm.. a week. Probably a bit ambitious as my legs are suffering! I missed running on Tuesday because of this. I will be going again this evening. If I can get through it i will be pleased, even if I have to drop the pace a little!

In the week inbetween I just ran 5k (twice) which took longer than 30mins! Congrats on the aim of a race! I am still in the thinking about it phase!

Best wishes!




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