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Parkrun - finished 432rd!

Having dropped my son in town at 9, I knew I was cutting it fine to get back for the Parkrun start at 9:30. Satnav was giving me 9:26 to home and it's a mile or so beyond that. And of course every traffic light seemed to go red as I approached. Got to the carpark and it was full with not a corner left, so swung into the pub carpark next door. Decided I really couldn't run without a quick visit to the Ladies first either.

No time to warm up gently but just started running. Not sure when I crossed the start line but the tailrunner was 200m ahead of me. I could see the pack were already strung out all along the esplanade but I was determined to catch up. Passed a family running with a buggy and a dog then started to see the tailenders but very soon I was being met by the front runners on their way back. Usually I meet them at about 1.8k. This time I was having to make sure I didn't get in the way before I got to the loop part of our lollipop shaped course. On the loop I passed quite a few but was quite surprised at how hard it was to make up time. By 3.5k the quick start was getting to me and slowed to a walk for a bit.

Then I could see the final stretch and was determined to run for the finish. Crossed the line and got my bar code tag - 432 - how many?! Standing in the line to get my time logged I heard the crew saying there had been 467 runners. That's a record for our Parkrun and explains why it was so busy going round.

My official time was 32minutes but that would have assumed I started on time and I forgot to check my watch in my rush to cross the start line. Endomondo said I'd done 5.6k in 33.5min. Going round I was thinking about whether I was bothered about the time and decided that I was mainly there just to enjoy being out and running. My times have been edging up again since Christmas and if I'd started on time a new PB might have been possible but that will have to be for another day.

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You got round it, you had fun,what's not to like? There's always another day!


For a moment, I thought it was your 432nd parkrun! :D Well done for not deciding to not bother because of the rushed start. :)


Yeah you nailed it without a doubt, it must be very hard to keep yourself going after a late start like that, well done. 400+ is an excellent turnout.


Well done ! I did my first and Telford's first park run yesterday. I think I was 148th out of 178th. I was aching to start with and had dragged my 15 year old son along under duress. He's fit but hasn't really run before and he thought I was being really mean. Before we were half way round he wanted to come again so that was the main thing I'd wanted to achieve ! My time was ok-ish, 34:35, not my best but not too terrible as I found it harder to let Rhys set the pace than to go at my own speed. Looking forward to next time :-)


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