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Boy it's warm out there!

A whole 5c!

Just got back from my run and thought it went okay today, my pace is definitely increasing of its own accord and I did 5K at 31:45 then followed up with jog back 2.7K. I really wanted to do the extra 0.3 but I was soooo hot I just had to stop or I think I might have had a funny turn! Heaven knows how I'll cope if/when we get a summer......

I did some intervals on Tuesday - broke it down into 'steady run' 'fast run' 'jog' walk' between telegraph poles - Ye gods, it was tough! I only managed about 10 minutes before I was exhausted. Anyway, after a 5 minute walk, I followed it up with a 5k in 32:14 so overall, I was pretty satisfied. Hats off to those of you following the C210k or Stepping Stones! Not sure I could stick to that just yet. ;-)

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Hi Dottiemay,

It's strange how we all have our preferences - I'm just SO PLEASED that it's 8 degrees instead of 3 at last!

Just wanted to reply to your last comment - I can't comment on 10K but with your distances and times you'd have no problem at all with Stepping Stones or even Stamina. You may even find Stamina too slow (in which case deep respect from me) but definitely worth a go if you feel the need for guidance.



Thanks Ann. I really don't like getting hot, it saps all my energy, and as I know I don't drink nearly enough at the best of times I probably dehydrate quite quickly! Will have to ensure I take water with me from now on but I hate carrying things.

I'll check out the Stepping Stones again. I did listen briefly a while ago but decided against it as I thought it was too much too soon for me but maybe I've moved on enough now!


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