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Feeling just a little pleased with myself today. (Lots of numbers, sorry)

I'd noticed recently that without doing anything in particular, I'm running faster. I couldn't understand why I was finding it tougher to make 30 minutes never mind the 5k until I checked my stats properly.

My Wk9 R3 time in December was 32:03 for 4.68K - an average pace of 6:49 min/km

On Sunday, I realised I was running faster than normal so decided to see how far I could run at that pace and managed 3.8k in 24:14, ave pace 6:23. That nearly did for me I have to admit! But after a 5min or so walk and a slow trot up the incline, I thought I could do a gentle jog back home and completed another 2.03k in 13:31 at 6:40!

So, today was meant to be a steady distance run, preferably 7k as I really want to make 8k by the summer. I knew I was going faster again, so thought - okay, let's give it a go and actually did 5K in 31:56! Average pace 6.23 min/km! I have no idea where that came from and I don't think I could have run much further at that pace but I am chuffed to bits with it.

Another 5min walk & then slowly up the incline, 0.55k, into a pretty brisk headwind, walk 3mins and a jog back. This turned into 3k in 20:18.

So, total distance just over 8K. Pace steadily increasing. Not sure I'll actually be able to walk tomorrow - but what the hey!

Just have to work on joining the runs up now!

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WOW!!! Well done x


That's quite a step up from your graduation pace - fantastic!


Good progress, well done !


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