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Running again and it feels great!

Just finished week one second time round. Fantastic morning for a run, sunny, clear, cold - loved it! Was even brave enough to run in daylight (have been running at night for ages, partly so no one can see me!). This time round I'm enjoying it so much more, I know I can do it! Ten year old son has got the running bug now and came with me, I think it was a bit too easy for him but it was nice to have company. Looking forward to week 2.

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If you've done it before and not too long ago you'll be surprised how quickly your able to progress through the weeks. If you are finding the early weeks are very easy do what I did and just do two of the three runs and then move on. Good luck.


How lovely to have your son running with you - and in the sun too!


Good luck for week 2! :)


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