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Ouch it H U R T S

I know I've posted this before but now I'm really suffering I have a ? Pulled muscle from groin to knee I' can remember it starting about three weeks ago during an uphill bike ride tired resting it massage with roller heat and painkillers last Monday I wondered if a gentle jog would help and now it's agony kept me awake all night what have I done ? Any thoughts ? I know it requires quick trip to the quack but ino time many thanks

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I don't know but it sounds very painful. Hope it gets better soon.


I have strained my knee (according to my GP). It has been 3 weeks since I did it and I'm still in a fair amount of pain. Have made an appointment to see a physio next week. Much as I rate my GP - she is very good, I realise that she may not have the expertise to help me as much as a sports physio. I have had a recommendation from a friend and await the outcome. I would suggest you get someone to look at it if only to rule out anything serious!

Hope you are soon on the mend

Viki :-)


I have had knee and groin pain too. Decided last Monday after my run that I would rest it for a week and looked up exercises on google. There are loads with videos to show you what to do. They are helping. I do them every day for about 10 minutes. Three knee ones and four for the hip and groin. Couldn't hurt, well it does hurt, but you know what I mean. I will try another run on Monday and see how it goes, but think I will keep up the exercises for good as this must be my weak spot. Good luck.


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