Well that's that done then..........it is, well in my case anyway, most definitely more mental than physical. I slowed down my running pace to make sure I could run all three sessions without ending up in a big heap.

By the time I had done the first two, the music was killing me, my right calf was being cheeky, and I dropped my water bottle. Oh the shame! But I finished all the sessions did the warm down, stretched and realised my jaw was hurting due to the big cheesy grin i had plastered on my face......hahahahaha.

Well onwards on to the next, aargh running who would have thought it!!!

All the best


3 Replies

  • Well done you...hope to be starting week five very soon too.

  • Well done, glad it went okay! I'm doing wk5 run 1 tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. It's an unexpected feeling to look forward to a run.

  • Haha! What a great post...Inspiring...Keep going...you runner you!! :)

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