Treadmills - how much to pay for a decent one?

Ok, I'm getting desperate now! 8 days without being able to run and no end in to the bad weather in sight. I've thought of nothing else this weekend but buying grips for my running shoes, joining a gym or buying a treadmill. After taking everything else in consideration, I've decided that a treadmill would be the best option.

I don't want to spend a fortune as it would only be used in bad weather. Does £500 sound reasonable and can any recommend a good buy?


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9 Replies

  • I'd have a look on ebay in a few weeks or months - once the Resolutioners have given up.

  • I have a Reebok Z9 and I absolutely love it for running days - and I also use it for walking on the 'between' days. The list price is ridiculous (Argos are asking £999) so don't pay it. Sweatband are doing it for £549 including delivery, which is a good price (I haggled them down to just under £500 on their best price guarantee so give that a go). It's quite big but folds up - however, realistically that never actually happens (:->) The size does mean that it is really solid though, and it has a big running area. It can go up to 10mph but I doubt many of us Couchers will get as fast as that ... and up to 12 degrees incline which again is more than enough. It has about a dozen programmes but to be honest I just set it going and adjust the speed/incline as I go - it's very easy. There are cheaper ones, but from the reasearch I did before buying, this seemed the best all round machine.

    Come the spring, I'll be outside again. But for now, I'm very happy to run indoors, watching telly or listening to music as I watch the rain or snow falling outside. I would have a go on a mill before you buy, because some folk find them awkward and/or uncomfortable. You'll also read some nonsense about using a treadmill. I was told to set the incline to two degrees to mimic the wind effect of running outside, but this is nonsense unless you're going pretty quickly - from recollection, under 6 minute miles. They also say it's easier to run on a treadmill than outside. Well, I guess this is a personal thing but I find the Parkruns, etc easier than running inside. I do a lot of reading (I should do less reading and more actual running ...) so I'd recommend you do the same. But from my own experience, go for it.

  • I recently bought a Nordic Track Treadmill I paid £699. I still run outside when I can but use of when too cold or dark outside too run

  • Like Malcy I have the Reebok Z9, recently purchased from Argos at just under £400 (it was on offer for about a week in December 2012) Its really heavy and quite large so be prepared to have some help to put it up and the room for it. Other than that its brilliant and I'm so pleased with it. Keep an eye out on the website as they always seem to have offers on.

  • I did a lot of research on this too as at one time I was seriously thinking of buying one as I was worried about running in the dark and also for bad weather running but now I have no problem with both so wont be buying one. I did try out the the Nordic Track, a Fuel Fitness one and the Reebok in a sports equipment store and would recommend you do so as they are pretty big and heavy and even when folded up can take up room so its good to get an idea of what you are getting before parting with a lot of money.

    I personally preferred the Fuel Fitness model just because the running surface felt better and it was easier to move around and that was the one I was going to go for. Sole Fitness do a very similar one and they cost around £700 if I remember correctly. Dont go for anything too cheap as usually they are not so sturdy and the running area is smaller; the recommended belt size is 50cm x 140cm so maybe look out for something that size.

    Hope you get a bargain! :)


  • Thank you for this everyone. I actually went out in the snow this morning and my running shoes coped really well. I took it quite slowly and it was hard going in places, but I loved it. I'm putting the treadmill on hold for the moment as snow running is fab! X

  • I bought a Reebok Z8 from Argos about 18 months ago for £500 (supposedly half price). It's a good size to run on (many of the cheaper ones seemed tiny) and is very solidly built. If you get one, make absolutely sure that the room you build it in is the room you want it to stay in, as I had a devil of a job moving mine due to the weight/size! I'd suggest taking a look at John Lewis, as they were also offering it for that price (probably the Z9 now, assuming it's the newer model) but with an extended guarantee. However, mine wasn't in stock when I wanted to buy so I went to Argos (who I'll never buy from online again after recent hassles).

  • Argos still have a good sale on at the moment for treadmills. I bought the Jessica Ennis one a couple of weeks ago for £249. I am a complete beginner and it seems to work fine for my needs. Its quite big and heavy but easily folds flat if you need to put it away however I;ve set mine up in the conservatory and plan to keep it out until the lighter evenings mean I can venture outside......

  • We got lucky on a local ebay seller and got a really nice one ( not sure of the make) also freecycle do sometimes give some equiptment away too .

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